SCB No. 49 (3/2021), Volume 14

Spotrebiteľské vnímanie dizajnérskych taburetiek

Petra Garasová

Individual taste of consumer is one of the most important factors in furniture selection.The aim of this paper was to identify consumer perception of designer stool. The required primary data was obtained from our consumer survey with using tandardized questionnaire.


Systémy manažérstva environmentu ako významný spoločenský prínos

Marta Karkalíková  – Alica Lacková  – Ivan Hlavatý

The paper deals with the identification of the reasons for implementation of envi-ronmental management systems, which are a decisive factor for organizations. It was ascertained whether organizations, that have an environmental management systems in place, have implemented other management systems as well.


Postoj spotrebiteľov voči elektromobilom v Slovenskej republike

Róbert Rehák

The aim of paper is to identify the current issue of electromobility with a focus on the Slovak Republic and to examine people's awareness and interest in electric vehi-cles with the determination of possible recommendations and possibilities for making electric vehicles more attractive on the market.