SCB No. 51 (1/2022), Volume 15

Komparácia exportu služieb krajín V4 so zameraním na cestovný ruch

Lenka Zemanová - Jakub Harman

International trade and related export services are currently becoming more challenging and a driving force for countries' economic growth. The aim of the scientific paper is to evaluate the export of tourism services, compare their situation and to quantify the economic importance of tourism in the Visegrad region.


Institutional provision of economic diplomacy in selected countries

Ján Hrinko

In the context of globalization and the high degree of openness of most countries' economies, their prosperity is particularly dependent on their ability to advance their economic interests in the world. Economic diplomacy is adapted to this, dealing with the issues of the activities of state representatives at the bilateral level as well as at the multilateral level.


Approaches to the development of EV infrastructure depending on the prediction of the development of electric mobility in the EU

Rastislav Lauko

The subject of this article is to better understand the relationship between develop-ment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in connection with development of electric vehicles sales in Europe. Optimal set-up among these two main elements of emerging e-mobility sector has principal effect on currently running policy discus-sions (targets setting within Revision of Directive on Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Deployment), business models of charging point operator / e-mobility provider as well as further positive perspectives of electric vehicle sales in Europe.


Possibilities of sponsorship in golf

Lucia Malíčková

Sports has not already been for a long time only entertainment but business of many millions. Sports clubs, but athletes themselves want to achieve the best results as much as possible. When they achieve wished success they bring bigger interest of fans and this causes increased interest of sponsors and the final consequence is in-creased income.


Current state and development determinants of electromobility

Monika Matušovičová

The support of the environmental approach of the automotive industry is represent-ed by the concept of electromobility, or more precisely production of ecological cars. The importance of electromobility in the world has been growing for a long time now.