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SCB No. 46 (4/2020) Data Sources and Data Typology for Audience Research in Performing Arts Institutions

SCB No. 46 (4/2020) The role of institutions in the fdi-growth relationship in a developing economy: a new evidence from Nigeria

SCB No. 46 (4/2020) Development and Intensity of Mutual Trade between the Vise-grad Group and the Russian Federation

SCB No. 46 (4/2020) Analysis of the Western Balkans Territories Using the Index of Economic Freedom

SCB No. 46 (4/2020) Strategic Diagnostics of Transcarpathia Potential: Matrix and its Elements

SCB No. 46 (4/2020) Assessing Financial Resource Capability on Insurance Claims Management in Nigeria: The Moderating Role of Information Technology of Economic Freedom

SCB No. 45 (3/2020) Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for consumer disputes in the Slovak republic

SCB No. 45 (3/2020) Research of product design consumer perception

SCB No. 45 (3/2020) Sustainable fashion as a part of the circular economy concept

SCB No. 45 (3/2020) Consumer Behaviour and Attitudes by Purchasing of Selected Food Products

SCB No. 44 (2/2020) Factors of Open Innovation

SCB No. 44 (2/2020) Microeconomic Aspects of Franchising

SCB No. 44 (2/2020) Employee Fidelity and the Survival of Micro and Small Scale Businesses in Nigeria

SCB No. 44 (2/2020) Influence of Strategic Factors on Early Internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria

SCB No. 43 (1/2020) Performing The Activities Of The Commercial Investment Advisor In Austria And Of The Financial Advisor in Slovakia

SCB No. 43 (1/2020) Extent of data utilization within digital marketing processes

SCB No. 43 (1/2020) Circular Design and Consumer Involvement in Circular Economy


SCB No. 42 (2/2019) The License To Perform The Activity Of A Finacial Advisor

SCB No. 42 (2/2019) The Brexitologic of Competitiveness

SCB No. 42 (2/2019) Economic and environmental side of the use of biotechnologies Case Study: Synthesis of some bioplastics from algae

SCB No. 41 (1/2019) Entering Into the Register of Providers of Special Financial Education

SCB No. 41 (1/2019) The Economic Impact of Consumer Purchases in Fast Fashion Stores

SCB No. 41 (1/2019) Folk Motifs as a New trend in Foods and Beverages Packaging Design Rights

SCB No. 41 (1/2019) Competitiveness Outlook of the Automotive Industry in the V4 Countries and the Czech Republic

SCB No. 41 (1/2019) E-commerce and its impact on retail stores in Slovakia


SCB No. 40 (2/2018) Legal Regulation of Timesharing Contract and Other Contracts on Providing of Certain Services in Tourism Services in Slovak Republic

SCB No. 40 (2/2018) Limited Liability Companies in the Slovak and European Legal Context

SCB No. 40 (2/2018) Impact of Corporate Governance Framework on Economic Performance in European Union

SCB No. 40 (2/2018) Consumer Protection in the Slovak Republic and Protection of Air Passengers’ Rights

SCB No. 40 (2/2018) Consumer-Oriented Sales Promotion of Organic Food in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

SCB No. 40 (2/2018) Diversification as a tool to increase energy security

SCB No. 39 (1/2018) Possibilities and limits of adopting successful managerial ap-proaches: from “Best Practice” to “Best Fit”

SCB No. 39 (1/2018) Scheming to defraud in an insolvency proceeding: a specific case of economic criminal acts

SCB No. 39 (1/2018) Comparison of the Visegrad group and Baltic countries in terms of multi-criteria competitiveness indicators

SCB No. 39 (1/2018) A Search for an Optimum Currency Area

SCB No. 39 (1/2018) The Development of International Economic and Monetary Co-operation in Europe


SCB No. 38 (2/2017) Productivity of Czech logistic firms: quality orientation, entrants and multinationals

SCB No. 38 (2/2017) Application of PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology

SCB No. 38 (2/2017) Analyzing the management process in small and medium-sized enterprises in the Region of South Bohemia

SCB No. 38 (2/2017) Strategic analysis methods and their influence on stability and development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech Republic

SCB No. 38 (2/2017) Some Selected Legal Aspects of the Activity Rules in Relation to the Financial Agent´s Clients

SCB No. 38 (2/2017) Indication of Changes in Projecting Organizational Structures under the New Economy

SCB No. 38 (2/2017) Organization and Planning of Corporate Education in the Czech Republic

SCB No. 37 (1/2017) Evaluation of Selected Aspects of the Business Environment of the Republic of Macedonia and Foreign Trade Relations with the Slovak Republic

SCB No. 37 (1/2017) Liability For Damage Caused At The Pursuit Of Financial Advisory

SCB No. 37 (1/2017) The Higher Essence of Economic Convergence Regarding Monetary Impacts

SCB No. 37 (1/2017) Legal Regulation of Entrepreneur’s Conduct in Slovakia


SCB No. 36 (4/2016) The Current View on Redistribution of Subsidies in the Agricultural Sector in Slovakia

SCB No. 36 (4/2016) The Signs and Priniciples of Goal Setting as a Specific Kind of Activity

SCB No. 36 (4/2016) Socio-Economic Convergence as a Necessary Precondition and Determinant of Societal Growth

SCB No. 36 (4/2016) The Comparative Study of Cultural Differences of Slovak Inbound Tourists: A Need of Innovations

SCB No. 35 (3/2016) Export into EFTA and transportation costs

SCB No. 35 (3/2016) Open Your Eyes Alice and Start Following the Economic Cycle Instead of the White Rabbit: Influential Behaviour of the Economic Cycle

SCB No. 35 (3/2016) Marketing as a Part of Strategic Management of Consulting Companies

SCB No. 35 (3/2016) Building Effective Marketing Communications in Tourism

SCB No. 35 (3/2016) Angola - an Oil Dependant Country in Sub-Saharan Africa

SCB No. 34 (2/2016) Prospects for the EU-US Trade Relations in the Light of the TTIP

SCB No. 34 (2/2016) Evaluation of the Current Foreign Trade Relations between Slovakia and Ukraine Affected by the Global Changes in the World Economy

SCB No. 33 (1/2016) The Effect of Socioeconomic Classes on the Subjective Perception of Economic Situation

SCB No. 33 (1/2016) Diversity in Board of Directors: Review of Diversity as a Factor to Enhance Board Performance

SCB No. 33 (1/2016) Consumers in New Millennium: Attitudes towards Adoption of New Technologies in Purchasing Process

SCB No. 33 (1/2016) View of Electronic Participation and its Application in the Present Conditions of Democracy

SCB No. 33 (1/2016) Importance of TEN-T Corridors in the Development of Infrastructure Example of Visegrad Group Countries

SCB No. 33 (1/2016) Importance of the CIS Countries to the Development of Foreign Trade Relations of Slovakia

SCB No. 33 (1/2016) Development of the Visegrad Group in the Context of Efforts to Accelerate the Convergence Processes by Joining the European Union

SCB No. 33 (1/2016) The Position of Sub-Saharan Countries in the World Economy


SCB No. 32 (4/2015) Effective Usage of Implementing ICT in Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises

SCB No. 31 (3/2015) Theoretical and Legal Reflections on Securities Dispositions

SCB No. 31 (3/2015) The Improvement of HR-management as a Factor of Increasing of Companies’ Competitiveness in the Labour Market

SCB No. 30 (2/2015) Crisis communication on Facebook

SCB No. 29 (1/2015) The Identification of Innovative Research Methods and Techniques Utilized in Marketing Research in the Digital Era

SCB No. 29 (1/2015) Crisis communication on Facebook


SCB No. 28 (4/2014) International Trade in Conflict Minerals: Solutions for the EU Regulatory Framework

SCB No. 27 (3/2014) New Focus on India: A CEE perspective for Investment, Business and Trade Development

SCB No. 27 (3/2014) The Role of State in the Sphere of Innovative Development of the Agricultural Complex of Ukraine

SCB No. 26 (2/2014) The Perceived Differences in Interdepartmental Communication Regarding Organisational Formalisation: a Case Study of an International Company

SCB No. 26 (2/2014) Evaluation of the Average Wage in Agriculture Depending on the Value of Gross Agricultural Production in Different Regions in Slovakia


SCB No. 24 (4/2013) The Impact of School Shops on Students’ Eating Habits on the Example of Secondary Schools in Wrocław in Poland

SCB No. 24 (4/2013) The Business Model for the Functional Rapid Manufacturing Supply Chain

SCB No. 23 (3/2013) Tertiarisation of the Productive System of Slovakia: an Input-output Approach

SCB No. 23 (3/2013) Economic and Financial Crisis – Challenge for Adaptation of the Official Development System of the Slovak Republic

SCB No. 22 (2/2013) The Scientific and Cultural Background of the Innovation Development in Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Russia and Hungary

SCB No. 22 (2/2013) The Changes of Russia’s Business Strategies and their Influences on Mutual Foreign Trade with the EU during the Economic Crisis

SCB No. 21 (1/2013) Changes in International Marketing Strategies of Companies Operating in the Global Luxury Industry due to the Financial and Economic Crisis

SCB No. 21 (1/2013) Determinants of Customer Satisfaction in Fast Food Industry A Study of Fast Food Restaurants Peshawar Pakistan

SCB No. 21 (1/2013) The Role of Marketing in Corporations within the Post Communist Context: Perceptions of Marketing Managers in Czech Corporations


SCB No. 20 (4/2012) Building Corporate Identity in the Economic Crisis Time

SCB No. 20 (4/2012) Impact of Declared Clusters of Tourism on Slovak Destinations

SCB No. 20 (4/2012) The Complementary Currency as an Element of the Social Innovation in the Entrepreneurship

SCB No. 20 (4/2012) Marketing’s Influence within Companies: Current Issues and their Possible Resolution

SCB No. 20 (4/2012) Towards the Importance of Theories of Trade as Part of Trade Science

SCB No. 20 (4/2012) The Specifics of the Services Sector Determining the Introduction and Utilisation of Information and Communication Technologies

SCB No. 19 (3/2012) The Growing Brand Equity and Brand Value – The Learnings from Most Valuable Brands

SCB No. 19 (3/2012) The Commercialization of the Knowledge as the Supposition of the Economic Growth

SCB No. 19 (3/2012) The Selected Aspects of Gender Equality in European Union

SCB No. 19 (3/2012) Historical Overview of the Economic Sociology

SCB No. 19 (3/2012) The Measurement of Impacts and Effects of Knowledge Management in an Enterprise

SCB No. 18 (2/2012) The Analysis of Natural Gas and Crude Oil Market from the Global and EU Perspective

SCB No. 17 (1/2012) The Accessibility of E-learning Systems for Disabled

SCB No. 17 (1/2012) The Virtual Communication in the Education System

SCB No. 17 (1/2012) The Comparison of the Trends in Services Provided Worldwide with the Trends in Slovakia


SCB No. 16 (4/2011) Online Marketing Strategies for Travel Agencies

SCB No. 16 (4/2011) Knowledge-Intensive Services in Slovakia from the Viewpoint of Innovation and Labour Productivity

SCB No. 16 (4/2011) The Chosen Dimensions of Governance of Production Enterprises in the Customer-Supplier Relations

SCB No. 15 (3/2011) Sustainability as a Tool for Increasing Competitiveness

SCB No. 15 (3/2011) Offshore Business Process Outsourcing

SCB No. 15 (3/2011) The Recreational Function of the Dunajec River and the Pieniny Mountains in Transformation Dynamics of Natural and Social Environment

SCB No. 14 (2/2011) Mobile Marketing

SCB No. 14 (2/2011) Analysis of E-marketing Strategies

SCB No. 14 (2/2011) Opportunities for PPP in Culture

SCB No. 13 (1/2011) Bankruptcy Trustee in Insolvency Proceedings as an Entrepreneur and as a Subject of the Proceeding

SCB No. 13 (1/2011) Quality of Educational Programs in Life-long Learning

SCB No. 13 (1/2011) Design Management

SCB No. 13 (1/2011) The Necessity of Implementation of Diversity Management Caused by the Actual Development of Cross-border Labour Mobility in EU


SCB No. 11 (3/2010) Language Specifics of Writing a_paper in English

SCB No. 10 (2/2010) The Benefits of Applying CRM Systems in Manufacturing Enterprises – Lessons from Practice

SCB No. 10 (2/2010) Product Safety in the European Union

SCB No. 9 (1/2010) Cross-border Cultural Tourism in Europe: Drivers for Cross-border Travels for the Performing Arts

SCB No. 9 (1/2010) Knowledge Transfer in Higher Education Quality Management: The Case of Germany and Slovakia