SCB No. 47 (1/2021), Volume 14

Belt and Road Initiative trends in the European Union and Iran

Zuzana Borovská

As a turning point in the functioning of the world economy so far, we can consider the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), led under the auspices of China (PRC), which promises to establish a world trade order and transport and logistics networks be-tween Asia and Europe.


Udržateľné odievanie ako nový trend v kontexte princípov kruhovej ekonomiky

Zdenka Musová – Jennifer Drugdová

The paper deals with sustainable concepts of buying clothes and textile products, which are following principles of the new economic model – circular economy. The aim of the paper is to present selected results of primary research, which was fo-cused on Slovak respondents´ knowledge about selected new concepts in clothing buying and their willingness to support these.