SCB No. 44 (2/2020), Volume 13

Influence of Strategic Factors on Early Internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria

Akinbola Olufemi Amos – Babatolu Ayorinde Tobi – Sanni Sekinat Arike – Akinbola Omolola Sariat

The  study  on  strategic  factors  and  internationalization  of  small  medium  enterprises (SMEs) has continued to gain attention across the globe as most indigenous organization desire to take their products and services to international markets. As such, this study tried to ascertain the influence of the strategic factors element of the early internation-alization process and tendencies of firms going to foreign market within the period of one to five years which signifies early internationalization.


Employee Fidelity and the Survival of Micro and Small Scale Businesses in Nigeria

Ehiorobo Osa Abraham

This  research  examines  the  impact  of  employee  fidelity  on  the  survival  of  micro  and small  scale  enterprises  in  Nigeria.  The  mortality  rate  of  small  businesses  in  Nigeria  is alarming. Most previous studies tend to concentrate on the managerial, technical, edu-cational and even capital deficiencies of the entrepreneurs but this study focuses on the employees.


Poistné právo v kontexte legislatívy

Lujza Jurkovičová

The paper deals with European sources of insurance law. In the first part of this paper, we present the theoretical basis for insurance. The first part includes a brief history and development of insurance.


Delimitácia intraurbánnej nákupnej zóny na základe mobilných dát: prípadová štúdia Avion Shopping Parku (Bratislava)

František Križan – Peter Barlík – Kristína Bilková – Petra Hencelová

The term of trade areas is topic of many scientific disciplines and always relates to space. Therefore,  the  geographical  (spatial)  approach  plays  a  fundamental  role  in  their  re-search. The trade areas definition can be considered as one of the key terms of geomar-keting. Its application is used not only in the localization of the retail, but also in quan-titative and qualitative analysis of the potential customers.