Potenciál využitia behaviorálnej ekonómie v rámci manažérskych marketingových nástrojov

Martin Horváth


Lately the behavioral approach utilizing the findings of psychology has been used in the different fields of economic research. This article deals with the epistemology of neo-classical economics as the current dominant school of thought. The aim of this article is to investigate systematic deviations from rational decision-making and its aplications in managerial marketing tools. As the economy is perceived as an apriori science, potential theory failure is to be found in the steps of deduction or in the auxiliary axioms. Thus we must derive behavioral economics from neoclassical economics, namely by the mod-ification of its auxiliary axioms, especially rational decision-making axiom. At the same time we must point out, that the behavioral approach can be appropriate for the redesign of a more efficient institutional structure.

Key words:  behavioral economics, consumer behavior, deviations from rationality

JEL Classification:  D90

Received: 6.4.2020   Accepted: 30.6.2020

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