Zdravie, starnutie avplyv socioekonomického statusu ľudí nad päťdesiat rokov na zdravie v Európe

Daniela Knošková


Europe's population is aging rapidly, which may cause a burden on the social system. It is  important  that  the  people  age  healthily  and  stay  self-sufficient  as  long  as  possible. The author deals with the issue of health, aging of people over 50 in Europe. The author characterizes the project SHARE –Survey ofHealth, Aging and Retirement in Europe, and presents its methods, areas of research and benefits. SHARE createsan interdisci-plinary  and  transnational  database  of  micro-data.Based  on  a  literature research,  the author presents selected results fromSHARE wave 7. Identified factors impacting health are education, health systems, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.Mentalhealth of aging population is impacted by conditions in childhood and also grandchildren care in some situations. Finally, the author presents proposals in the field of social policies.

Key words:  aeging, health, socio-economic status, social policy

JELClassification:  I10, I12

Received: 19.5.2020   Accepted: 23.5.2020

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