Consumer Behaviour and Attitudes by Purchasing of Selected Food Products

Marína Korčoková - Miroslava Loydlová


V In this report we are aimed at problems of consumers` behaviour and at factors that have an influence on it. We are focused on behaviour during purchase and con-sumption of bio products that belong to the actual trends. We explain understanding of healthy lifestyle and we also present abstract of its classifications. The report in-cludes results of a research the goal of which was to find out preferences of con-sumers while making decisions when buying healthy food (farm and bio food). In conclusion we propose recommendations on possible ways of education and infor-mation of consumers on food and on support to consume products beneficial to our health.

Key words:  Consumer behaviour, healthy lifestyle, health prevention, food


JEL Classification:  P46, Q18 

Received: 16.9.2020   Accepted: 23.9.2020

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