Sustainable fashion as a part of the circular economy concept

Monika Matušovičová


It has been shown that the textile and clothing industry have a negative impact on both the environmental and socio-economic field. The current trend in fashion, called sustainable fashion, is part of a new concept of circular economy, in which textiles and clothing are kept in the highest quality throughout their life cycle and then put back into circulation. The aim of the paper is to focus and evaluate the cur-rent knowledge base in the field of sustainable fashion and to clarify the basic ap-proaches and strategies of circular fashion. The article uses mainly the description and comparison of theoretical knowledge and synthesis of analytical data from con-sulting companies and research agencies.

Keywords:  Sustainable fashion, slow fashion, circular fashion, second hand

JEL Classification:  M31, Q56  

DOI: https://0.2478/stcb-2020-0009

Received: 7.9.2020   Accepted: 18.9.2020   Published: 30.9.2020

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