Patří připravenost na krizi mezi klíčové indikátory aktivit podniku? Srovnání postojů rodinných a nerodinných podniků.

Marie Mikušová


The aim of the article is to find out whether family businesses are more accountable than non-family businesses in preparing for crises, i.e. in order to make their busi-ness economically sustainable. Preparedness for crises thus becomes one of the key indicators of business activity. On the basis of the questionnaire investigation in 2019, 2300 replies were received. The respondents were managers and owners of family and non-family businesses from the manufacturing industry throughout the Czech Republic. The hypotheses were tested and research questions answered by statistical data processing (t-test, chí-square). Family businesses have been found not to be more prepared for crises and experience crises as often as non-family busi-nesses, and are no more responsible than non-family businesses in preparing for cri-ses. Furthermore, crisis prevention has been identified as one of the key indicators that management of both types businesses takes into account when planning and deciding on the future of the business.

Key words: Family business, preparing for crises, economic sustainability, indicator

JEL Classification: M10, M21

Received: 20.1.2021   Accepted: 27.2.2021

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