Postoj študentov k nákupu produktov šetrných k životnému prostrediu

Petra Garasová


Today's world faces the challenges of climate changes and the negative impact of the production and consumption of most products. The transition to a green econo-my and a circular economy has become a response to the deteriorating situation and ensuring sustainable development. The aim of the paper is to clarify the attitude and behavior of students during environmentally friendly products purchasing. The pri-mary data was obtained by using the standardized query method. Descriptive statis-tics, cross-tabulations were used to process the results from the questionnaire. We analysed the relationship between some selected variables and the perception of the positive perception of environmentally friendly products with using mathematical-statistical methods of calculating regression analysis. Students are most often con-sidered as occasional consumers of environmentally friendly products. The positive perception of environmentally friendly products is directly influenced by the offer of environmentally friendly products and marketing.

Key words: consumption, environmentally friendly products, student’s behaviour

JEL Classification: M30, Q50

Received: 26.2.2021   Accepted: 13.3.2021

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