Úloha univerzít v príprave študentov na problematiku udržateľného rozvoja

Katarína Chomová


Raising public awareness of the challenges of sustainable development, as well as their urgency to put new solutions into practice, contrasts with limited progress in integrating sustainable development in universities and curricula. Although many universities, especially under the pressure of both the internal and external envi-ronment, are aware of their role in educating students towards the practical promo-tion of sustainable development, change is coming very slowly. The biggest barrier is the fact that the orientation of the university towards sustainability requires innova-tive teaching methods aimed mainly at supporting critical thinking, interdisciplinary approach, integration of practice (not only companies but non-government organisa-tions, local community, etc.). Such a dynamic learning process promotes the mean-ingful integration of sustainability competencies, which help students to make active changes in society and not to be just passive recipients of information.

Key words: Education, universities, sustainable development, transformation

JEL Classification: M31

Received: 26.5.2021   Accepted: 27.6.2021

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