Prístupy k dizajnu a spôsoby merania vplyvu dizajnu na ekonomické výsledky firiem

Renáta Ševčíková


Despite the growing interest in design worldwide and its application in innovation, it is not entirely clear what benefits it brings to the company. Why should companies invest in design? The aim of the paper is to define different approaches and views on the concept of design, its impact on the economic results of companies and various approaches to its measurement based on an overview and analysis of domestic and foreign literature. Measuring the financial impact of a design is a complex and long-lasting discipline. It is difficult to obtain accurate data that demonstrates a direct cor-relation between design and increased product sales. The reasons that lead compa-nies to discover design potential have been related to the interest in gaining a com-petitive advantage - increasing revenues, sales and brand value.

Key words:  design, competitiveness, investment in design, design management


JEL Classification:  M21, O31, M31  

Received: 16.7.2020   Accepted: 20.9.2020

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