Research of product design consumer perception

Róbert Rehák


Professionals perceive product design as an essential factor in product competitive-ness, especially in international markets. To achieve that, customers and buyers must accept the quality of the offered product design. Especially by mass-produced products are producers facing a lot of customers with limited knowledge about de-sign requirements. Appropriate communication is necessary to persuade potential customers about design quality characteristics. Paper utilizes previously formed cus-tomer classification based on quality perception. It discusses the possibility of apply-ing such classification for product design perception too. Different methods and tools to prove the relevance of the presented model are analyzed to form an optimal mod-el for future research. The result of such research would be the optimization of the use of product design in communication strategy.

Key words:  Product design, consumer perception, market research, market survey.




JEL Classification:  M31, M39, L15, D11  

Received: 15.6.2020   Accepted: 27.8.2020

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