Neuroveda ako východisko pre neuromarketing a jeho implementáciu

Róbert Hula


Neuromarketing and neuroscience help us to examine and describe how the con-sumer behaves and who he is. The interaction between the two sciences helps to deepen knowledge about the consumer. This has led to the creation of a separate department abroad, namely consumer neuroscience. The article discusses the role of non-science and non-marketing and identifies the expectations that neuroscience can bring to research. The reader of this article can also get acquainted with the basic methods that marketing uses to get to know the consumer perfectly, in addi-tion it provides an overview of the progress that neuroscience has made in recent years and thus can increase the outlook and use of neuromarketing for readers themselves. This article introduces the reader to the basic ethical principles in con-sumer research in neuromarketing.

Key words: Neuroscience, neuromarketing, neuromarketing tools, neuroethics

JEL Classification: M39

Received: 23.2.2021   Accepted: 26.3.2021

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