Microeconomic Aspects of Franchising

Jozef Orgonáš


The  present  arrangement  of  franchising  is  a  very  popular  business  form.  It  is  a  very dynamic form of making business. The form is very modern and conservative at once. It ́s modern enough and at the same time approved, to represent the possible visionary way  of  the  entrepreneurship  in  the  21stcentury.  Franchising  has  become  a  means  of growth  across  many  different  industries,  including  business  and  financial  services, beauty, health, sport, various services, food, medical, recreation and many others. Our effort might understand how the franchising performance drivers applied in the microe-conomic parts work and how important it is for franchisor and the franchisee, as well.

Key words:  Franchising,Microeconomy, Break-even point

JEL Classification:  M 31

Received: 25.3.2020   Accepted: 24.6.2020

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