Changes in the retail market structure through the prism of consumer behaviour

Alena Filipová – Veronika Mokrejšová – Jiří Zeman


The development of e-commerce (e-tail, electronic retailing) has become the reason for many changes in the entire retail industry, including brick-and-mortar retailing during the past years. The changes do not affect only the companies but also consumer behaviour. From the gradual growth of sales in e-commerce and its share on the total retail sales, it can be demonstrated that a part of consumer demand transfers to the online environment. However, this transfer is neither evenly distributed, not absolute. There are many noticeable differences, e.g., according to the assortment or socio-demographic structure of consumers (etc.). Simultaneously, based on selected statistic indicators, it can be observed that the structure of retail has been changing. This paper aims to assess the relationship between the growth in online sales and changes in the retail market structure.

Key words: e-tail, retail market structure changes, NACE 47

JEL Classification: L 81

Received: 7.5.2021   Accepted: 10.5.2021

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