The impact of economic prosperity on the quality of housing with a focus on selected issues

Michal Vávra


The Slovak Republic's economic prosperity has created sufficient potential to improve the quality of housing in our conditions. The paper examines the Slovak Republic's economic prosperity in the period under review on selected aspects of housing quality. The paper used research questions that were used to investigate the observed phenomena. We examined the household's current state in terms of average living space and the number of people living there. We compared the findings with the countries of the European Union. In this paper, we focus on the issue of rising real estate prices and the consequences of financing real estate from foreign sources. Due to the current epidemiological situation, secondary research of a professional publication in the world and our country was used to solve the mentioned problem. In the final part, the author evaluated the research questions. The output of the paper is formulated answers to the results of selected research questions aimed at assessing the connection between the quality of life, quality of housing, and economic prosperity of the country.

Key words: Quality of life, Quality of housing, Household debt, Overcrowded rate, Real estate market

JEL Classification: R21, I31, E43

Received: 23.3.2021   Accepted: 29.6.2021

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