Next generations expectations in the housing quality and the main affecting factors in the Slovak Republic

Milan Oreský - Michal Vávra


Understanding consumer behaviour has become one of the most important tasks of marketing itself. Without understanding consumer behaviour, affecting factors, expectations or current moods are created by a threat of failure. The paper focuses on factors and expectations affecting the next generation on housing in the Slovak Republic. Hypotheses and research questions were used in the paper to explore observed phenomena. Within this paper was used standardized questionnaire. The uestionnaire was created and distributed in electronic form with Google Form. The research was attended by 115 respondents. Respondents’ replies were subsequently extracted and processed by variance analysis (ANOVA – one-way-test). In the final part of the authors evaluated the examined hypotheses and research questions. The output of the paper is the formulated responses of the results of the chosen hypotheses and research questions to evaluate factors, impact intensity expectations affecting the next generation in solving housing questions from the perspective of gender structures.

Key words: Consumer Behaviour, Generation Z, Impact factors, Quality of housing, Housing

JEL Classification: R2, M31

Received: 10.6.2021   Accepted: 26.8.2021

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